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Fire Suppression Solutions

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Taking care of Environment and business

Why choose us

SEVO Systems bet on Environmental Friendly solutions being the first company in developing solutions with 3M Novec 1230.

Our distribution networks are established in over 55 countries on all continents.


Our total flooding clean agent system is capable of adapting to any installation thanks to its different cylinder sizes and the great coverage of its nozzles.

Protect the installation and all the content in its interior without any risk of damage or residues.

Black Diamond

Our industrial and commercial kitchens solution has successfully passed several international tests and approvals to become the best solution for any kitchen risk, protecting all kinds of appliances, hoods, and ducts.


The new rack-mount Fire Suppression system is a complete solution for the security of any rack.

It includes in only 2U of height fire detection, aspirating, fire extinguishing with Novec 1230, and remote control.

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We are an expertise Fire Suppression Systems manufacturer